Important things to know about advertising packages on BitcoinWide

Businesses that accept crypto are listed for free on BitcoinWide. However, if you, as a merchant, want to use our platform to attract more customers, we prepared several packages that give you an opportunity to get more!

Here we have listed what you get in each package. 

What can you get for free?

Even if you do not pay anything, you can still get the following:

  • Listing your business on BitcoinWide. Your company will be automatically added to a category and ranged at the same level as other companies, which are the majority on our platform. 

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  • Listing on the map. Your potential customers can find you on the map if they are searching for businesses in a specific area. 
  • SEO Optimized Listing. We do for you all the relevant optimization, such as meta description, tags, headings, page speed, canonical, etc. Your business can attract clients from search engines just by being on the site. 
  • One picture in your profile to represent what goods you are selling or what services you are providing.

Verification package advantages

This is the cheapest package as it’s currently only $9.99/month. In this package, you’ll have all the previous features guaranteed, plus some extra ones:

  • Business verification. Users of our platform will know that your business is 100% existent and the information in your business profile is correct. Thus, you have more chances to be chosen from the list of competitors. 
  • Verification Badge. Badges are different in all paid packages. 
  • Three pictures in your profile. Obviously, the more pictures you have the more attractive you look to your potential clients. 

Premium package features

Premium gives you more advantages to stand out among competitors! Apart from everything listed before, you’ll get these extras:

  • Ads on search pages. We advertise your business on the search page when people are searching for any business in your category that accepts crypto. For example, if your business is a restaurant, all people who are searching for food, takeaways, etc. will see your ad displayed on the search page. 
  • Ads on category pages. When people open a category to which your business belongs, your ad will be in 1st-3rd place. For example, if your business is a music school, people who opened the “Education” category will see your ad. 
  • Ads on subcategory pages. Same as with the previous ads. If your business is an art gallery, people who are looking for art, in general, will see your ad on a subcategory page.  
  • Ads on cryptocurrency pages. We have a page for each cryptocurrency that is accepted by businesses. Those people who hold some crypto and are not sure where to spend it may look at a page of a specific coin to see what they can buy for it. Say you’re a car rental office that accepts Cardano, a person who is looking for where to spend their ADA will see your ad. The more unique the coin you accept, the fewer competitors you’ll have 😉 
  • Up to 5 pictures in your business profile. Do not limit yourself and give your customers an idea of what are you selling! 
  • Premium Badge.
  • 24/7 support. Are you a person who values time and doesn’t like to wait? Get support at any time of the day if you need to change something in your profile or if you have any questions. We will be here for you! 

Pro package version 

Sell like a pro, be like a pro. Get the maximum from BitcoinWide! This package additionally includes the following:

  • Ads on competitors’ profiles. Attract clients from your competitors’ pages! If your business is a real estate agency in New York, your ad will be shown on the pages of all other real estate firms in the US and beyond! Unless they have a PRO package as well 😉 
  • No ads on your profile. A guarantee that no competitor advertises themselves on your business page. 
  • 10 pictures in your profile. The maximum possible amount of pictures that represent your business. Stand out and let the world know about your business! 
  • Pro Badge. It differs from two previous badges and lets everyone know that you are a pro! 

Choose your package NOW! 

Make your profile unique and stand out from competitors’ pages. Raise your brand awareness and attract new customers from BitcoinWide. Just choose a package you like and we will do the rest for you!

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