How to buy games with Bitcoin in 2023

Are you a gamer looking to buy video games with Bitcoin? You are at the right place! Since the creation of video games digital currencies have been used a lot between players, so there is no surprise that gamers became the first people to use crypto. Here in this article, we will show you how good or bad  buying PC games with Bitcoin is, and give you a list of websites where you can purchase game-related items, including Xbox, that you can buy with Bitcoin. 

Buy games with Bitcoin: Pros & cons

The advantages include:

  • Low fees compared to bank cards
  • Much faster compared to bank transactions
  • It’s safe
  • It’s anonymous
  • No bank card needed, meaning no age restrictions

What about the disadvantages?

Absolutely none in this case! Okay, maybe it’s not as easy to find places where you can spend Bitcoins for video games, but on this page, you will find a lot.  

How to buy games with Bitcoin

Whether you want to buy steam with Bitcoin, Xbox one games, or Minecraft, in the beginning, you need to find a place that accepts crypto. 

We advise doing this on BitcoinWide since here where we compile all companies that take cryptocurrency globally. 

Search options include: 

  1. standard search bar
  2. map search
  3. categories search
  4. search by crypto type

After you choose your preferred option, proceed to check out but don’t forget to select cryptocurrency payment. Then simply adhere to the guidelines.

A list of businesses where you can buy games with Bitcoin

Except for game keys and Nintendo switch lots of things can be bought with Bitcoin. Just check out this list of websites: 


It doesn’t matter whether you came here to find places to buy FIFA coins or OSRS gold with Bitcoin, we are sure that you’ll find what you were looking for. Games themselves and gaming features, weapons, and in-game currencies can be bought using crypto and the choice is quite big. 

FAQ: How to buy games with BTC

How to buy steam games with Bitcoin?

You will first need to find a place that accepts crypto payments. To do this, check out our website, BitcoinWide, where you can find any business that accepts cryptocurrency online or in the needed area. You can buy games with Bitcoin here as well.

How to buy Xbox games with Bitcoin?

First of all, you will need to find a website that accepts crypto payments. Buy origin games with Bitcoin is possible through BitcoinWide — a business directory where we gathered all online and offline stores that accept cryptocurrency. 

How to buy switch games with Bitcoin?

Switch games like Nintendo, as well as wow subscription, can be bought with Bitcoin or other cryptos. Just visit our website, BitcoinWide, and get a full list of gaming websites that accept payments in BTC or other digital currencies. Steam pay with Bitcoin is also possible.

How to buy video games with Bitcoin?

It is possible to purchase video games, wow gold, steam games, etc, with BTC. First of all, you need to find a site that sells these things with crypto. And to do this, you can visit BitcoinWide to check out our list of websites that accept Bitcoin and other types of crypto. 

How to buy console games with Bitcoin?

It is easier than it seems, you just need to find a merchant who is happy to receive BTC. There aren’t too many, but they exist and you can find a list of them on our website, BitcoinWide. We gather all online and offline businesses that accept crypto as a form of payment.


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