How to buy a hotel with Bitcoin in 2023

Not many people want to buy a hotel with Bitcoin, but with the rise of cryptocurrencies in the world, it’s barely a surprise. Businesses here and there look into alternative payment methods and crypto is obviously at the top of the list of most famous ones. 

Buy a hotel with Bitcoin: Pros & cons

Here we need to clarify that buying a building with a hotel and renting a room would be two different issues for crypto payments. But we will try to address both and see the advantages first:

  • Low risks of fraud or identity theft
  • Anonymity would be useful for short stays 
  • If you are a traveler and want to book a hotel without cash it’s good to pay with crypto as the crypto transaction is possible without a local bank account 

Now let’s go to the disadvantages:

  • If you want to pay for a hotel with Bitcoin and it’s a business trip it’s impossible to give supporting documents to your employee or claim these expenses as business spending if you are self-employed. 
  • If you are buying a hotel with BTC or other cryptos, some countries may be not easy with proving your ownership of the property without supporting documents, and a crypto transaction can’t be used as proof of transaction. 

How to buy a hotel with Bitcoin:

Whether you want to buy holiday homes for business or just to pay for a hotel with Bitcoin for a short stay, first of all, you’ll need to find hotels or companies that accept crypto. We recommend you our website — BitcoinWide — as here we gathered all real estate agencies and hotels that accept crypto as a form of payment. 

Here you can search businesses by:

  1. map search
  2. crypto type
  3. categories
  4. regular search bar. 

Once a suitable hotel or agency is found, follow their link and choose BTC or other cryptocurrencies when checking out. You’ll sometimes need to transfer crypto directly to a seller’s wallet, sometimes they may use a special crypto payment gateway

A list of businesses where you can pay for a hotel with Bitcoin: 

Here are some hotels, accommodations, and holiday homes that may be booked and paid for with crypto:


Hotels are just starting to accept crypto as a regular form of payment as not many people at this point possess crypto and are willing to pay with it. However, there is a list of existing businesses that are happy to be paid with digital currencies. We hope that this article was helpful to you and that now you know how to pay for a hotel with Bitcoin or even buy a hotel with Bitcoin. 

FAQ: How to buy a hotel with Bitcoin

Can you use Bitcoin for hotels?

Yes, there are quite a lot of hotels in different parts of the world that are happy to accept BTC (Bitcoin) or other cryptocurrencies as a form of payment. You can find a full list of such businesses on BitcoinWide – the first directory of businesses that accept cryptocurrencies.

Does Marriott take Bitcoin?

Indirect Bitcoin acceptance is available from hotel companies like Marriott and Hyatt, which can be carried out with gift certificates or cards. The gift card can be bought with Bitcoin, received as a gift, and then used to pay for Marriott or Hyatt hotel rooms.

Does Expedia accept BTC?

Expedia itself doesn’t accept or take Bitcoin as a payment on its website. However, there are hundreds of airlines and hotels that accept crypto payments happily, and a list of them can be found on BitcoinWide. 

Do any hotels take Bitcoin?

Yes, and actually quite a lot. On BitcoinWide, you can see 3-star hotels, as well as 4-star and 5-star hotels, guesthouses, apart-hotels, vacant accommodations, holiday homes, etc. in different parts of the world from Latin America to Asia. 

Can you pay Bitcoin to Booking com?

No, does not accept Bitсoin or other cryptocurrencies as a form of payment, unless you have a crypto debit card. However, there are a lot of hotels that you can book with crypto, and the list is available on BitcoinWide.

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