How to buy gold with Bitcoin (BTC) in 2023

It is not a surprising fact that a lot of crypto holders are looking to buy gold with BTC. In this article, we will explain how it works, what are the ups and downs, and give you a list of places where you can buy gold with Bitcoin in Europe, Switzerland, Australia, Canada, India, and the rest of the world.

Buy gold with BTC: Pros & cons

Buying physical gold with Bitcoin has numerous advantages, so we will start by discussing them:

  1. Fast transactions: Compared to typical payment methods, Bitcoin transactions can be handled significantly more quickly, making it a practical choice for people wishing to make an urgent purchase.
  2. Lower fees: Bitcoin transactions frequently have lower fees than standard payment methods, which is advantageous for expensive purchases like buying gold coins with Bitcoin.
  3. Anonymity: Those who cherish their privacy may find it appealing as Bitcoin transactions do not necessitate the disclosure of personal information so you can buy gold with Bitcoin anonymously.
  4. Security: Bitcoin is widely known for having a high level of security, which gives customers comfort when making a significant purchase like gold.

What about the disadvantages?

  1. Lots of people ask –  ‘if I buy gold with Bitcoin do I pay tax?assuming they can avoid taxation when using crypto. Unfortunately, there is no clear answer to this question as it depends on a country and sometimes even on a state. So you need to do your own research.
  2. It may seem like there are not many places where to buy gold with Bitcoin. But this is not necessarily true. While the options are a bit limited, there are a lot of merchants who would happily accept your crypto instead of traditional payment methods.

How to buy gold with BTC

The main issue is finding a place to buy gold bars with Bitcoin, as not everyone accepts crypto. But you can use our service, BitcoinWide, to make your search way quicker and more efficient. We gather on our website all online and offline businesses that accept crypto worldwide. You can search for companies in 4 different ways:

  • In a regular search bar by name or keywords
  • On a map, if you need a physical store in a specific location 
  • In categories (for example, Precious metals dealer, Precious metals shop)
  • On crypto pages if you’d like to use not a BTC but another coin

After making your search and choosing a shop, visit their page or their physical store and be sure that they will accept crypto. We know this as every business on our website has passed a clear check by our moderators. At the shop, you will be offered to pay in the crypto of your choice either directly to a seller’s wallet or through a crypto payment gateway.

List of businesses where you can buy gold with BTC

Of course, you can buy gold on Apmex with Bitcoin, but there’s way more out there. Here is some help for you so there is no need for research:


In conclusion, numerous online stores, and precious metal dealers accept Bitcoin for purchases of gold and BitcoinWide helps find these stores. Customers can buy gold with their Bitcoin balances or trade in their Bitcoins for tokens that are backed by gold. Bitcoin is a realistic choice for people wishing to invest in precious metals using cryptocurrency. 

FAQ: How to buy gold with Bitcoin in 2023

Can I buy gold with Bitcoin?

Yes, it is possible to buy gold with Bitcoin. Many online retailers and precious metal dealers accept Bitcoin as a form of payment and allow customers to purchase gold using their Bitcoin balances. It is also possible to use cryptocurrency exchanges to exchange Bitcoin for gold-backed tokens, which can be used to invest in gold.

What gold dealers accept BTC?

There are many gold dealers that accept Bitcoin as a form of payment. Some of these dealers can be found on BitcoinWide, a platform that provides a list of merchants and businesses worldwide that accept Bitcoin. To find gold dealers that accept Bitcoin, you can visit the BitcoinWide website and search for “gold” in the search bar.

Can you buy gold bullion with Bitcoin?

Yes, there are many online merchants and dealers in precious metals who accept Bitcoin as a means of payment and let clients buy gold bullion using their Bitcoin balances. Bitcoin can also be traded for gold-backed tokens, which can then be used to buy gold bullion. Remember that the ability to buy gold bullion with Bitcoin may differ depending on the merchant or dealer.

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