How to buy YouTube views with Bitcoin in 2023

Wondering if it’s possible to buy YouTube views with Bitcoin? Of course, it is! A lot of websites nowadays accept crypto payments as crypto is becoming more popular. In this article, we gathered all the information you need about buying YouTube views with Bitcoin — the ups and downs, how to do it, and, what’s most important, where to do it. Enjoy!

Buy YouTube views with Bitcoin: Pros & cons

We will begin by describing the advantages: 

  1. It is safe to purchase with crypto as you are not sharing any of your bank details with a seller or their website.
  2. It is faster than traditional banking
  3. Lower fees especially if you are paying internationally
  4. Complete anonymity

What about the disadvantages?

There is just one — not every service accepts crypto so it can be tricky to find such a business. But BitcoinWide will help you with this. 

How to buy YouTube views with Bitcoin

Your main problem here is finding an organization that will accept crypto instead of bank cards or other traditional payment methods. BitcoinWide helps in situations like this because on our website you can find online and offline businesses that accept Bitcoin and crypto payments. You can find them in 4 different ways:

After you find the website you were looking for, just follow the link and make a purchase. You will be offered a crypto payment gateway or another option to pay in cryptocurrency.

A list of businesses where you can buy YouTube views with Bitcoin

We prepared for you a list of websites that definitely accept crypto payments:


Youtube views are easy to get if you want to reach the monetization level quickly. It also helps to amplify the effect of other marketing tools, such as buying ads from youtube influencers or targeted advertising. Paying for this service in crypto may save you time and money, and get you to the new level of Web 3.0 without much effort. Now you know that there are numerous websites accepting crypto, so why not try it? 

FAQ: How to buy YouTube views with BTC

How to buy YouTube subscribers with Bitcoin?

How to buy YouTube subscribers with Bitcoin?
There are numerous websites that offer likes, comments, and subscriptions for your social media channels including YouTube, and take crypto as a form of payment. Find out more on our website, BitcoinWide — an online directory of businesses that accept crypto payments. 

Why buy YouTube views with BTC?

Buying services with Bitcoin (BTC) or other crypto coins has numerous advantages that include transaction speed, lower fees, safety, and anonymity. Try it once and you won’t go back to traditional bank cards. This especially makes a lot of sense to traders and miners.

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