How to buy BMW with Bitcoin in 2023

If you are interested to buy BMW with Bitcoin, this page is what you need. We gathered all the advice on making this purchase, starting with ups and downs, and finishing with the list of dealers and shops that accept payments in cryptocurrencies. Let’s start!

Buy BMW with Bitcoin: Pros & cons

We will begin this chapter by discussing the advantages. 

  1. Fast transactions compared to bank accounts. You can literally wait for a few minutes in a dealer shop and leave with your keys as soon as crypto arrives in a merchant’s wallet. 
  2. Lower fees if you are abroad. Instead of using conversion rates and commissions crypto doesn’t have any of those. 
  3. Anonymity if this is something you need.
  4. Safety, as with crypto the possibility of theft or fraud is next to zero. 

You may wonder if there are any disadvantages. Yes, just a few:

  1. You can’t claim this purchase as your business expense if you are an entrepreneur. It is because crypto transactions can not be accepted by any tax office. 
  2. It isn’t that easy to find dealers who would be happy to accept crypto instead of a bank card or cash. But it isn’t impossible either. And this article will prove that. 

How to buy BMW with Bitcoin

In the question ‘can you buy a BMW with Bitcoin?’ the answer is yes, however, the trickiest part is to find a shop that will take your BTC or other crypto coins. Here we can recommend using BitcoinWide — a website that gathers all online and offline businesses that take crypto payments. Here you can do your search of businesses in four different ways:

  1. Search on a map
  2. Search in a search bar
  3. Search by category
  4. Search by crypto type

And when you already have found a place suitable for you, the half is done. Follow the link in their business profile or visit their offline store, and the consultants will tell you how exactly they accept crypto. It can be a direct transaction to a seller’s account or some kind of crypto payment gateway. 

A list of businesses where you can buy BMW with Bitcoin

We made some research for you so you can save your time:


B buying a BMW with crypto is not something people do every day, but we are getting there. More and more merchants and dealers accept payments in cryptocurrency and this is a very positive movement these days. Hopefully, the article was helpful to you and it helped you make your choice. 

FAQ: How to buy BMW with BTC

Can I buy a BMW with Bitcoin?

Yes, you can. There are a lot of sellers and dealers out there who will be happy to accept your crypto as a form of payment. To find a list of such stores, visit BitcoinWide — an online directory of businesses that accept crypto payments.

Does BMW accept Bitcoin?

Yes, but not directly. There are some crypto payment gateways, including famous crypto debit cards. Also, some other dealers may sell BMW cards and accept BTC or other crypto coins. You can find a lot of such merchants on BitcoinWide. 

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