Where to Spend Crypto in New York

New York crypto lovers are probably the luckiest in the world, as Bitcoin and other coins are crazy popular here. With thousands of NY crypto exchanges, it’s easier than everywhere in the world to buy crypto in New York. But what about making purchases with it? Not surprisingly, New York offers a variety of businesses friendly to digital assets, so let’s take a look at what you can buy in New York with cryptocurrency.

Crypto-friendly stores in New York

New York, often known as “The Empire State,” has embraced the world of cryptocurrencies and is home to various crypto-friendly stores and businesses. With the increasing interest in digital currencies, the city has seen the emergence of numerous New York crypto companies, contributing to its status. These businesses cater to a wide range of interests, from luxury items like watches and accessories to practical essentials like electronics and beauty supplies. Let’s have a closer look at New York crypto stores:

Of course that’s not all that we have to show. Check out the whole list on BitcoinWide’s map!

Services to spend crypto in New York

New York offers a diverse range of solutions, catering to various needs in the digital currency landscape. Whether you require software development, or financial services like loans or payments, New York crypto friendly services have you covered. Here is what will make your life easier when in NY:

NYC cryptocurrency: Hundreds of eateries

The city has embraced the digital currency trend not only for trading lovers, but also for foodies, allowing patrons to savour both culinary delights and the convenience of paying with cryptocurrencies. From cosy cafes to upscale restaurants, the city that never sleeps offers a plethora of dining options. To be exact:

These 6 food places are only a drop in the ocean of New York, as BitcoinWide has more than 8,500 worldwide businesses accepting crypto coins. Search these places on a map, by category or by coin, such as Bitcoin, DOGE, ETH, etc.


What is NY crypto tax?

New York imposes a crypto tax, requiring individuals and businesses to pay taxes on cryptocurrency transactions. The tax rates vary based on factors like income and capital gains, and it’s essential to report crypto-related activities accurately to comply with state tax regulations.

Why are there many blockchain companies in New York?

New York is a hub for blockchain companies due to its robust financial sector and regulatory framework. Wall Street’s proximity, along with its influence on the global financial industry, has drawn numerous blockchain startups and companies. Additionally, the state’s efforts to provide regulatory clarity and support for blockchain New York startups have further incentivized businesses to establish themselves in the city.

Can you spend crypto in New York?

Absolutely, New York’s blockchain-friendly environment has transformed it into a digital currency hotspot, where you can easily spend your cryptocurrencies across a wide range of transactions and services. Check out BitcoinWide to find crypto accepting businesses in NY. 

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    Wow! I’ve visited quite a few of these spots and had no idea they actually took cryptocurrency…

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