How to buy a car with Bitcoin in 2023

Looking to buy a car with Bitcoin? Then this article is for you. We researched the topic and found out whether it’s worth buying a car with Bitcoin in Europe and the USA, where and how to do it. We have also prepared for you a list of dealers that sell Audi, Porsche, Mercedes, Toyota, Tesla, and other brands that can be bought with Bitcoin (BTC) or other crypto coins.

Buy a car with Bitcoin: Pros & cons

Let’s begin this guide by discussing the fors and againsts of buying cars with BTC. Fors:

  1. Low transaction fees in comparison to traditional banking, which makes sense for something as expensive as buying luxury cars with Bitcoin
  2. Fast transactions, allowing you to drive away from a salon in your new car right away rather than having to wait a few banking days for the bank transfer to be processed.
  3. If you’re looking for anonymity, crypto transactions are fully anonymous
  4. Also, crypto transactions are safe because you don’t have to disclose any personal information to make a purchase.

Looks thrilling. What are the points against it? 

  1. If you are buying a car with BTC for the business you can’t claim it as your business expense. Tax offices don’t like crypto and don’t accept these kinds of transactions. 
  2. It may be difficult to find dealers who would accept your Bitcoin or your Ethereum instead of USD or EUR. So the question ‘can I buy a car with Bitcoin’ is not correct, you’d rather ask where you do it. This article, hopefully, will answer your question.

How to buy a car with Bitcoin

How do you buy a car with Bitcoin? The process itself is not as complicated, the issue here is to know which shop or dealer will accept your crypto. 

Supercars, as well as used cars, and car parts can be bought with Bitcoin in the USA, and not only, as many merchants worldwide started accepting Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies a few years ago. To find such places, use BitcoinWide — a website that gathers all offline and offline businesses accepting crypto as a form of payment. Different search modes are available on BitcoinWide:

This variety gives you an opportunity to quickly find a needed business. For example, the one where you pay for Tesla with BTC (Bitcoin). Once you found such a place, open the link in their business profile or visit their offline store. You can be 100% sure that this place will accept crypto payments, and they will tell you more when you ask. 

A list of businesses where you can buy a car with Bitcoin

Now that you know an answer to the question ‘can you buy a car with Bitcoin’ let’s take a look at the question ‘what cars can you buy with Bitcoin’. To save you time, we made our own research and are ready to share a list of car merchants accepting crypto:

As you can see, you can buy a Tesla with Bitcoin and not only!


To sum up, purchasing a car using Bitcoin can be a simple and safe way to make a significant transaction. You can save time and hassle by skipping trips to the dealership and financial institutions if you can complete the transaction totally online. Furthermore, using Bitcoin enables a decentralized and anonymous payment system, giving you privacy and peace of mind. Overall, for individuals who feel comfortable utilizing cryptocurrencies, purchasing a car with Bitcoin can be a wise and effective decision.


What car companies accept Bitcoins?

There are quite a lot of dealers who would like to receive your Bitcoin instead of cash or bank transaction. You can find a list of such merchants on our website, BitcoinWide, as we gathered all dealers around the world who are accepting crypto payments.

Do car dealerships accept crypto?

Yes, they do, but not all of them. You will need to do some research before going to a physical store. But a more effective way is to use BitcoinWide — an online directory of dealers and stores that accept crypto as a form of payment. 

Is it safe to buy exotic cars with BTC?

It is safe to do so. In fact, it may be even safer if you compare a crypto transaction with a traditional bank wire. This is because when paying in crypto, you do not need to share any of your personal information with a seller or a company. 

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