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Spoon (Blockchain)

What is Spoon (Blockchain)

A “spoon” is a particular kind of blockchain split in which the newly created cryptocurrency receives the account balances of the original cryptocurrency. It lets the users of the present protocol continue using the previous software while allowing a new project to add its own capabilities. Projects are launched in an effort to draw users and programmers to an established platform. They are less argumentative and more cordial. However, because of how awkward their implementation is, they are hardly ever used in the blockchain sector.

A spoon’s nature and purpose set it apart from the more popular hard fork. Spoons are more collaborative in nature while most hard forks are combative. While spoon forks only copy balances and use a different custom token for their purposes, hard forks additionally use the same token as the current chain. Furthermore, spoons enhance the technical prowess of the projects they copy balances from, whereas hard forks are intended to take market share and dominance away from an established platform.


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