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What is Supercomputer

Control Data Corporation introduced the first supercomputers in the 1960s. The first supercomputer, which could perform more computations than conventional general-purpose computers, was created by Seymour Cray. Supercomputers were not used as frequently as they are now at the time.

Supercomputers typically set themselves apart from conventional home computers by the amount of processing power they possess and the number of operations they can complete in a single second. In other words, the GPUs and CPUs on supercomputers are superior. A supercomputer’s performance is measured in FLOPS or floating-point operations per second. The fastest supercomputers available today are able to operate at speeds of 100 quadrillion FLOPS.

Supercomputers are essential to the creation of blockchain-based projects. The supercomputer used by IBM to process data for its blockchain-based initiatives is one such example.


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